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Karipidis K. Yiannis

The Dental Laboratory Karipidis K. Yiannis welcomes you. In Dental Laboratory is active for over sixty years in dental technology. Modern technology, experience of many decades, continuous training and certified materials are the guarantee for each prosthesis.

Dental technician and Dental service in prosthetic dentistry. Predictability and excellent accuracy by digitizing each prosthetic work using CAD/CAM technology.


We build
sixty years

We are Greeks and we know everything about art Οδοντοτεχνικό Εργαστήριο

We are Greeks and we know everything about art.


Consistently , Responsibility.

The dental laboratory “Karipidis K. Yiannis” was founded in 1955. In 2004 Karipidis Kon / mind Ioannis higher education graduate (TEI) and Dental School, takes the address of the laboratory after an apprenticeship decade alongside his father. Sixty years creating two generations of experience in dental technology, manufactured prostheses. The tradition of sixty years in the quality of our materials, innovative solutions and personalized service always with consistency and responsibility to the dentist. The result of this effort, the return to our partners with more and pi0 innovative solutions.

In the era of digital technology dental Karipidis K. Yiannis laboratory is left behind. Invests in new technologies and introduces CAD/CAM technology in the production process. This increases reliability, quality, productivity and accuracy of all prostheses.

The Dental Lab Karipidis K. Yiannishas the advantages of a small family business with the equipment of a large.

  • CAD / CAM for the manufacture of all prostheses.
  • Spektofotometro digital chromatolipsia, customized palette teeth for excellent aesthetics.
  • Machine construction molds with plastic bases and mobile abutments of materials with zero expansion.
  • Mechanical and Digital frezadoro through the CAD
  • Oven firing ceramics
  • Oven press ceramic
  • Induction considers cast Sandblast, Sandblast porcelain, Vacuum BEGO


The Team.

Karipidis K. Yiannis

Karipidis K. Yiannis

Dental Technician
Karipidis Kostas

Karipidis Kostas

Dental Technician Removable prosthetics
Karipidou Tourmani Anastasia

Karipidou Tourmani Anastasia

Deliveries, receipts, Bookkeeping



In Dental Laboratory “Karipidis K. Yiannis” well aware of the nature of our work, but also the requirements of the difficulties. The philosophy of our partnership is to be continuously reciprocate the trust that you give us. The requirement for restorations that mimic nature, is imperative nowadays the only factor to succeed is the individualization of the incident. continuously adapt our methods to the ever-evolving challenges of dentistry every day for sixty years. Giving us the opportunity to build incremental who ask us to make sure that we use art equipment, excellent quality materials, experience, consistency and good prices to our xanaprotimisete.